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Renovating Your Guest Room

Renovating Your Guest Room? Here Are Our Top Tips

The guestroom likely isn’t the first area of your home that you would think of to renovate. But, revamping your guestroom is a productive and fulfilling project for any homeowner. Just think: with a functional and stylish guest room on your property, you can give houseguests a comfortable, memorable experience.

It’s all too easy for a guestroom to come across as generic and predictable. That’s why we’ve pulled together a handful of tricks to ensure that your renovated guestroom is set to impress. With just a little effort and creativity, your guest room can be transformed into an oasis for guests.

Guest Room in South Florida

Set a Color Palette.

Nothing has the power to pull a room together quite like a cohesive color scheme. This exceedingly simple trick will bring focus and beauty to your guest room, as well as simplify the process of selecting bedding, curtains, rugs, and furniture.

There are many directions that you can choose for a color palette. Cool ocean tones, like deep blue, white, and tan, have a cool, tranquil effect. Warm, rich tones like burgundy and gold appear cozy and welcoming. No matter which color palette you choose, make sure to keep it consistent throughout the room. You can even use wall art and decorative knick-knacks to complement your color scheme and create an overall theme for the room.

Give The Room a Fresh Coat of Paint.

Keeping with the idea of a color scheme, revamp the paint job in your guest room for a fresh, clean look. To select a new paint color, consider the flooring in your guest room. Dark flooring should be paired with light wall colors, while lighter flooring can be paired with deeper hues.

You may even consider a painted ceiling for a unique look that ties the guest room together. Painted ceilings in soft, muted tones add dimension to any room without distracting from other design elements.

Consider The Guest Bathroom.

Access to a bathroom is an important consideration when you renovate the guest room. Guestrooms don’t need to have a private bathroom, especially if a common bathroom is located close by. But, if your guest room is far from a bathroom, adding one during your renovations will improve the stay of your future guests.

If your guest room doesn’t currently have its own bathroom, consider adding a half bath. This renovation will grant your guests greater comfort and convenience while keeping the other bathrooms in your home from becoming cramped.

Remember the Storage.

Just because your guestroom is for temporary visitors doesn’t mean that you should skimp on storage space. Space-saving storage solutions like built-in closets and under-bed drawers can provide ample storage for guests’ belongings, as well as spare bedding and towels. Also, remember to place plenty of hangers in the closet to accommodate all of your guests’ garments.

With a renovated guestroom, you’ll not only be better equipped to host family and friends but will also have increased the value of your home.

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